Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues

Jacob's Tails ... (Back-to-the-Land)"
Second printing done!
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Well, since we’ve been home we’ve totally emptied the Motor Home with a view to selling it and going south to buy a bit larger unit – that has changed again. Once we got it all cleaned out and started looking at other units – we discovered that what we have has most of what we want and it is certainly better built and just as well designed as most of the others. We did manage to survive and not slaughter each other last winter (it wasn’t that bad) so out with the plan to sell the Citation!! Now we’re going to hang onto it and just enjoy what we have.

Fred managed to paint the front hall and kitchen so now we live in various shades of Peanut Butter (the name of the colour we choose). He does such a good job and it looks so good.

I, on the other hand – after wading through almost seven months of accumulated mail, fifteen loads of laundry and getting the Income Tax done – have been putting my energy into writing and promoting Jacob’s Tails and trying to get the next Penwheels Newsletter together.

When we got home, I discovered that the Canadian Stories Magazine has been serializing Jacob’s Tails chapter by chapter (it sure looks good!). There is also a piece in the March/April issue of the Escapees Magazine and (hopefully) an issue of RV West Mag. (feels good!)

I have contacted a few RV magazines and they are interested in articles on our magnificent journey so I’ve been writing and talking to people (like these is not my favourite activities anyway?).

Oh yes, because I completely ran out of copies of Jacob’s Tails, we ordered another printing and managed to get caught in a snow storm when we went up to Calgary to pick them up. Thankfully we have good friends up there that fed and bedded us through the storm. We’re not used to snow storms anymore – no complaints – and we did have good visits!

Other than that, it’s the same old – same old, except – I am doing a book signing at Chapters on May 10th – that’s kind of exciting, too.

What are we going to do this summer?? Don’t have a clue but we’ll keep you posted.