Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sharon was Right!!

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The usual routine when we get back is to first take all the liquids out of the MH that might freeze– what do you mean, frost warnings in June – this is Alberta, isn’t it? – then sort the mail and, of course, get the income tax returns done and in.

The Company Cometh
Then we got this welcome but unexpected email from a British couple we met over an ice cream cone in Quartzsite. They would be in Lethbridge in a couple of weeks.
What a delight! We visited a few days with Pat and Trevor and listened to Pat’s wonderful stories and ate and enjoyed their company so much.
Shortly thereafter Jaimie and George (Escapees Penwheels buddies) stopped in on their way from Arizona to Alaska.
And then an old school friend, Brian and his wife came to Lethbridge on a nostalgia trip so we talked and wandered around the city and reminisced about old friends and old places.
So our spring season has started out in a flurry.
The Book Club (at the YW) turned out to be small but great – they were full of good questions and good suggestions.
I almost got hooked into doing Jacob’s Tails #2 but the reality about how tough it is to market a book hit faded when I discovered that Chapters won’t take copies of the book until they have more space for consignment books and the copy Save On Foods sent to Vancouver never did get to where it was supposed to.
The Chinook Regional Library bought a few copies so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
A few weeks after we got back last year, I complained to Sharon about how unsettled and antsy I felt.

Sharon was right!
Well I did it again this year and again she reminded me that I go through this every year. There is a definite transition time from the road to the condo – just like there’s a transition from the condo to the motor home.

Well, we have done all our "chores" (the medicals, income tax, licences, passports, fixing things that broke and changing things that need changing) so we are planning to get on the road again soon. Fred may have some pain in his leg, but it is not from another blockage - we managed to get an appointment with the surgeon in Calgary in two days - I think we're both just getting older. We've had a lot of company and that was fun and even though this is officially the first day of summer, we know the summer weather is going to come soon.