Sunday, April 19, 2009

I just wanted to go home!

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Somehow Yuma has become the base for our winter southern travels. Sallee and John let us use their address if we need a USA address and when our microwave died we needed to order a kit and sent it to their place. Fortunately there’s space for us on the lot beside them in The Foothills and we feel like we have become part of the neighbourhood. We joined in them for the St. Patrick’s Day/farewell get-together before we headed north. Next stop – north to Laughlin and dry parking at the Tropicana Express Casino.

Once we start heading north we start thinking about going home and the idea tends to take over: we talked about visiting the Lake Mead area and the Valley of Fire (Nevada) but neither of us was terribly enthusiastic about it; we talked about different routes to travel home; and started watching the weather patterns looking for a good travel opportunity. Finally it all came together and we chose to follow an alternate route that we hadn’t done for years and headed straight home.

The wind died down and we took off. It felt like we just whooshed home – we started on Saturday (April 4th) and were home by Tuesday (April 7th).

On the first night in Wells, NV a bang, bang came on the door – Dave and Chris (of Chris & Dave who we met in Rockport, TX last year and visited in Parker, CA earlier this year) happened to be at the same park at the same time on their way back to Montana. It is a small world – isn’t it?

The second night in Pocatello, ID was spent in an old run-down Passport America park and third night we revisited the park in Butte; a 2 hour wait at the Sweet Grass, MT/Coutts, AB border crossing and home.

Did I say I just wanted to get home? A table full of bags and bags of mail (six months worth); at least ten loads of laundry to do; income tax anxiety; and the condo complex in the midst of being totally redecorated. At least we arrived to warm temperature and no snow.

To my great surprise, there was a cheque in the mail for an article published in RV Lifestyles Magazine (out of Ontario, Canada) last July that I'd been agonizing over all season. I guess I can't be mad at them anymore although it did take a long time.

It seems to be taking me a long time to get settled this year – what do you think – age?

Fred has decided to replace my little computer table with a build-in desk. Hurrah! I think I’ve earned it!

Back to marketing Jacob’s Tails and a local book club is reviewing the book next week.

No further plans yet – and life goes on.