Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer into Fall

Visiting the newly renovated Interpretation Centre at Frank Slide was a good excuse to get out on a beautiful fall day and get photos of the prairies.

Frank was a small coal mining town of about 600 people at the foot of Turtle Mountain. The weather along with the tunnels of the mine and the instability of the mountain, itself combined to initiate a 90 million ton slide that took 70 lives.

They’ve done a nice job of interpreting what happened and dispelling some of the myths and stories of that fateful night in 1903 when the rocks came tumbling down.

FrankSlide (1)

FrankInterpretCentre (3)

FrankInterpretCentre (4)

FrankInterpretCentre (9)

Home on the Range

There is something totally fascinating about the prairies: the expanse of the sky; the fields that seem to go on forever; the horse standing out there up to its knees in grass; the huge round bales of hay that dot the landscape; as well as the smell of the grass that has just been cut and lays windrowed in the fields. Mile after mile of nothing but fields and big skies speckled with fluffy white clouds. This is the country where they measure the farms/ranches in sections rather than acres.

CanolaFields (3)

FieldsBales (1)

FieldsBales (2)

FieldsBales (3)

FieldsBales (4)

FieldsBales (5)

Summer2010 021





These photographs are a combined effort from Fred and me - I really wanted to share the prairie scenes – I think they are spectacular.

Five more days til we are off – I better get to work!!