Sunday, May 16, 2010

Change is Like Jet-Lag

Yeh, Change is like Jet-Lag – it takes a while for your body and mind to feel like they are in the same place -- to adjust to living space that has more than one inside door; changing from propane to an electric stove; and having unlimited hot water.

It happens every spring when we get back to Lethbridge. There’s always a strong sense that it’s good to be back but we still miss all the folks we have met and the excitement of being on-the-road.

The tableful of mail was a bit daunting but as I went through it there was some neat things too, like, a couple of payments for published articles and a gift card for Borders from the gal I interned with last summer.

The weather was summer-ish (although windy) when we got here but quickly deteriorated into late winter with a couple of intense blizzards. With this questionable weather, it was easier to focus on the mail; the Income Taxes; and the condo. Oh yes, we also indulged in some retail therapy - it's almost sinful - such fun!
Well, the new washer washes - so quietly I had to check it out with a flashlight to see if it was working! That replaced a machine that was one step above a washboard. The dryer has more than on and off and sings this little tune when it is done - they both have these digital blue lights.

If you venture out of the bedroom during the night there are bright blue lights over the place.

We ended up with a fridge with a bottom freezer and French doors. Habitat for Humanity picked the old fridge up Wed night and the new one was delivered Thurs. am. In the meantime, it was so cold outside, we could just put the fridge stuff out on the deck. We did start the fridge in the Motor Home to keep the frozen food frozen.
Now for the stove!! There go my favourite cast iron pans! I did manage to get one of my SS pans so hot it scorched my wooden cutting board when I rescued the very burned grilled cheese sandwiches I tried to make for lunch - and that was a medium heat - I'm not used to things that work the way they are supposed to.
Oh, yeh - a new computer too with Windows 7 - more new learning,

Fred has been working on the Motor Home fixing and adjusting all those little things that malfunctioned over the winter.

We are both heavily involved in our annual medicals and so far both have been deemed healthy.

Travels this summer?? We haven’t made any plans yet. Plans?? We haven’t even made it up to Calgary yet.