Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Photos by Phred

 We’re still here at the Escapees Park (Rovers Roost) in Casa Grande for the month (leaving date Jan. 5th). I wanted to catch up on my writing and it usually is nice to share the Holiday Season with the folks here.

It wasn’t until I started working on the article about the Tucson Botanical Gardens that I realized the fantastic photographs that Fred has captured.
I want to share a few of the flower photos he took at the Gardens.
 If you know the names for any of these flowers, please let us know.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Butterfly Magic

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Out of New Mexico: Into Arizona
PB100075Truth or Consequences: a strange name for a community!
Yes, there is a story behind that, too. Remember the radio program Truth or Consequences?
The host of the show (Ralph Edwards) offered to pay a community to change its name to Truth or Consequences. Hot Springs, New Mexico took him up on his offer and became Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Ralph Edwards visited the community every year to celebrate.
Some citizens, who didn’t like the idea, left and became a small community adjacent to T or C. –Williamsburg.
There is a growing Museum in downtown T or C that started out small and now extends from one room to another and covers more than a square block. It is filled with stories and pictures of Ralph and an assortment of dignitaries and local memorabilia from the ancient Native tribes to present day.
When we left there we went off to visit with friends at the Saguaro Co-Op RV Park in Benson, AZ and tour around Tucson again.
Butterfly Magic
We keep finding treasures in Tucson: we revisited the Desert Museum but the prize treasures this season were the Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Boneyard at the Pima Air Space Museum..
The spectacular treasure at the Gardens is the Butterfly Magic exhibit.

 Cattleheart (Transandean)
 Cracker (Red)

Cracker (Variable)
 Glassywing (Spotted  Tiger)
 Helena Birdwing

Catone (Spotlight)

Glassywing (Spotted Tiger)
Longwing (Zebra)
Morpho (Blue)
 OWL (Giant)  

OWL(on my head)