Friday, June 6, 2014

And Life Goes On

Well . . . it happened!

We have threatened it a few times but never carried through!

We managed to almost clean out the Motor Home every spring for the last three years but never went any farther.

This year . . . we totally emptied her out . . . actually got an ad together and put the MH up for sale!


IMG_7402 IMG_7405 IMG_7414 Overhead  RV interiorOriginal

As Diane would say . . . Holy Crap! 

The ad was on Kijiji less than 24 hours and we had two calls.  The next day a gal came to see it . . . she was impressed!!

The next thing we knew, she arrived with a Bank Draft for more than we were expecting and took our little home away!

We are still in shock but I think we were ready . . no real choice now – we are 1/2 homeless!

Now what are we going to do?

Oh!! That is such a good question?

The Summer of 2014 is dedicated to  figuring out the next phase of our ever changing lives.