Friday, December 27, 2013

It’s almost like coming home

Hummingbird feeder is out – we have been visited by a couple Anna’s taking on nutrition – we must be at the Escapees Park near Casa Grande where we love to spend Christmas and New Years - - Season’s Greetings everyone!
The trip down was horrendous! We left in the cold and snow and it followed us all the way to Nevada!
Our first night was in Dillion, MT - had to plug in - it was -29C and bloody cold and snowy!
The next night was in Lehi, Utah - just south of Salt Lake City - it was warming up just enough to muck up all the roads and make it dirty, splashy and somewhat slippery.  We found a wonderful Thai restaurant there and enjoyed that.

My favourite canyon road (Virgin River Canyon) - the road between St. George, Utah and Mesquite, NE was closed because of the snow and bad weather. 
We made it to Laughlin the next night and managed to score a $20.00 room at the River Palms Hotel/Casino. I scored about $40.00 profit and we spent the evening with Chuck and Sheila - the folks from Wetaskiwin.
We picked up the Motor Home the next morning and to our delight, everything was just fine.
Oh, it's so good to be back in the MH - I really do hate Motel/Hotel travelling!
We went down to Quartzsite and spend time with Chuck and Sheila again, out on the desert - that was good! We do so enjoy their company and playing card with them. And Sheila and I enjoy being able to cook together – we’re good at it!
I thought we were going down to Yuma but Fred decided we should come directly to Casa Grande so we could get a good RV site and be off the road for the holidays. 
Snowbird country seems very quiet! It is surprising how uncrowded it is! It seems people are either not coming down or they are coming south a lot later.
Like everywhere else, the prices have  gone up but we can still handle it!
So we're settled for a month - it is surprising how many people we know here - nice!
Aw-w-w it’s almost like coming home.
I managed to spend Christmas nursing a horrible cold but everyone made sure Fred brought me a feed from the Christmas Dinner. I don`t think he`s going to escape the malady but at least I know what he`s going through.


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