Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Quick Catch-up

OMG – it’s past the middle of May; we have been home for over two months; every-day life things have taken over our day-to-day lives – life has devolved into a routine.
Just a quick catch-up here.
We did spend a few days with friends in Langley on our way home and also had great visit with my sister. Then we just booted it home with no further drama.
It's been a whirlwind around here since we got back. I must say this past winter was exceptionally different from the past 15, but we did enjoy it: nice place to stay; good people; and lots of new things to see and do. 
Reflecting on our winter get-aways, this year certainly was different! . . . so different that there really is no way of comparing the previous trips with this year.
BTW – We enjoyed our time on Vancouver Island winter get-away so much that we have reserved our spot at the Buena Vista by the Sea again for next season.
 Back atw home . . . e are following up on some medical stuff - eye cataract surgeries; replacing our defunct dishwasher, etc, etc, etc . . . And life goes on.
Our project has been to clear out and rearrange all the stuff we have collected over the years – Garbage; Thrift Store; Kijiji; etc
Our routine was pleasantly broken with a trip up to visit Chuck and Sheila about 5 hour north of here.
We contributed to their Yard Sale; shopped for bedding out plants with Sheila; played cards and generally enjoyed our time for a few days. 
Sheila plied me with all sorts of plants to take home. I’m trying very hard NOT to kill them as they sit out on the deck through the crazy weather we've had - hot to cold and everything in between. As usual, Fred and I cannot agree on how to water or care for them, so continue our normal banter routine – I just hope the plants survive.
Had the first cataract done. This is so weird - my "new eye" sees so clear - it's unbelievable . . . BUT . . . if I use two eyes, I see double so I can cover the "old eye" and not have my glasses on and see oh, so clear.
So I can either use my glasses and not see double (because they have the right strength of prisms) but blurry or cover my one eye and see very clear and bright but I would need to keep that eye covered because of the prisms I need to not see double. - a pain. So-o-o I will see blurry for a while til the other eye gets done – May 31. It could be a while before I get my new prescription though.
But then, I've been so used to blurry for so long it is not a big leap. Does this make any sense?
Plans are to do a Southern Alberta tour . . . it’s been years since we explored our own backyard and there is so much to see.
Chuck and Sheila will join us mid-Junish.
I hope I can see straight by then . . . I may even try to take some pictures.