Monday, July 4, 2011

And Another Year Passes

Tomorrow (July 5th, 2011) is my 68th birthday – I can’t believe it- I don’t know what 68 is supposed to feel like but I really don’t feel any different, I don’t think.

A big question in my life has always been “how do you know what you didn't know once you know it?”

I guess I’m a real in the moment type. Either that or I just don’t remember or it just doesn’t matter enough.

We went up to Calgary for Ann-Marie’s Easter celebration and an old friend fix.

It was so good to spend time with AM and some old friends – it’s funny how time can pass but friends seem to transcend the gap and pick up where they left off.

Occasionally that doesn’t happen and that makes me very sad.

We had our first 2011 sojourn out - it was time. It seems like we waited a long time for the weather to warm up and then left anyway. With gas prices as high as they are, we decided to stay fairly close and headed West to Castle River Falls (June 20th).

You would not believe the amount of snow still up in the mountains

CastleRiverFallsJune11 (1)

and how high and fast the river was running.

CastleRiverFalls6230001 (1)

But then, of course, the wildflowers were well underway . . .


Blue Camus Hyacinth


Death Camas (Beargrass)

Then off to Eureka, Montana to visit more unforgettable friends. Faye was our neighbour way back in the 80’s.

I felt incredibly close to her then and found that feeling of closeness is still there. It was so fantastic!

Carl, her husband, and Fred seem to enjoy each others company as well. The four of us had so much fun touring and hiking about the area.


We stood on the US/Canadian border


Fred has developed an insatiable interest in the camera and has taken some specular photos of the wildflowers . . .

ArrowLeafBalsamRoot (1)



I stayed with the old buildings



We ate; we talked; we tried to identify the flowers; and made an honest attempt to solve all the problems of the world (at least three or four times).

Fred has been working on an electrical problem with the Motor Home and I haven’t been doing much.

Oh, I have another article coming out in the RV Lifestyle Magazine. For the digital copy go to page 40 on