Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Medical Rant

After my great fall in Great Falls on the way home, my ankle on the other side started to swell and was incredibly sore . . . so I went to see my old doctor (who was supposed to retire but didn’t) who told me it was Gout . . . in my ankle?? She needed to retire!

Okay, I may have gout but gout is not what was causing that kind of pain in my ankle/foot. I went to another doctor, who is slated to be my new doctor, for a second opinion. She sent me off to physio.

Ah-h-h a pronated arch – we worked on that for a while with minimal results. She suggested I check out a podiatrist . . . she thought it might be tendonitis. Podiatrist got an Ultrasound done and they discovered a tear in the tendon.

Oh, Sh-t!

His advice was to not put any weight on my foot. Yeh, that was like telling the Jack Russell Terrier not to jump! He ordered me some orthotics that came in 2 weeks later at $400.00.

SOAB – now both feet were hurting. I took the orthotics back . . . he’s getting them adjusted . . . He said they were too aggressive (whatever that means).
I am getting so discouraged with the medical profession!

My Doctor said it was Gout? She didn't even do a test - just gave me a script for pain cream . . . I've fired her.

The Podiatrist has turn out to be the most arrogant and irritating medical person I have ever met . . . he, too will be fired.

The Practitioners in the Medical Profession (traditional or non-traditional) seldom know what is wrong or what to do about it!

There is a reason why they are called Practitioners. They keep guessing and practicing – much like an automobile mechanic!

So much for my venting . . . Fred’s cataract surgery went very well.

Thank you: I feel better now!

BLOG posting with the rest of the story will follow shortly.