Thursday, December 24, 2015

Opps – Here We Go Again!!

I woke up suddenly at 2 am Sunday morning when Fred shook me.
“I have a pain in my chest” he said.
Now I know what they mean by – it feels like I have a truck on my chest.”
I instantly called 911!
They came; they saw; then immediately wheeled him off to the hospital!!

I followed and found Fred being wheeled into an emergency room all wired up.
OMG – to say the least, it was a little terrifying.

Diagnosis? Atrial fibrillation (or A-fib)
The Emerg Doc did a great job of explaining what A-fib is and treatments options.
That along with extensive internet research managed to almost paralyze us with fear.
In comes a dear old friend – “oh, I have that”
What a God-sent!
Patti managed to explain what she had gone through; the various meds she tried; the meds she’s taking and how she is doing.
This, itself, managed to bring down our blood pressure!
We managed to get into see a GP on Tuesday and the Specialist on Wednesday. We were relieved, amazed, and pleased with the service we got from our Health Providers especially this time of the year when so many of them are off for the holidays!!
Long Story Short 
It looks like our proposed winter adventure to Vancouver Island is going to be either put off or eliminated. The doctor wants to monitor Fred’s progress and his next appointment is the end of January.
BUT . . .
Lethbridge is not totally without its attractions!!
Did I tell you that we have an incredible view?
Before the snow:

After the snow:

Decorations at the Brewery Gardens across the road:

May there be
Peace and Goodwill
for All! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Phase Two–A Different Life

Onward and upward!!

Back to Vancouver Island for our winter hiatus.
As we started exploring our alternatives, the Canadian $ kept going down and the Travel Medical Insurance kept going up . . . our decision to head to Vancouver Island again for our winter get-away was reinforced.
As we researched the possibilities . . . we experienced extreme anxiety envisioning the same dreaded situation we got ourselves into last winter. We really wanted to see the place before we committed ourselves to a couple of months in a place we did not like.
Lo and behold, my brother came up with a solution!! Their plans were to go down to Mexico for a couple of months and we would be able to stay in their place in Victoria.
Sounded like a good idea to me!! So we will head out right after New Years and see how things go.
I think I have finally accepted that we will no longer travel in our little home on wheels. For me, it’s been a difficult transition.
When we started out in 2001, I swore I was not ready to give up my work . . . I would take a major sabbatical just to see make sure it suited me.
It took me a while to get used to a Lifestyle of small spaces on wheels moving around from one place to another.
I lost my love of hotels many years before we starting RVing. And flying? . . . that lost its charm when they started cramming in more and more seats; stopped serving snacks and meals; and started charging for carry-on luggage.
Our attempt to rent a Park Model in an RV Park in Yuma was an ultimate failure never to be repeated, we hope.
On the positive side, we enjoyed our Western trip this summer . . . ah-huh . . . maybe that is the answer!!

We’re going to have to learn to tolerate Canadian winters sooner or later . . . so maybe this will be sooner rather than later away from Lethbridge.
The Lethbridge Summer highlights are sparse.
A lot of medical time . . . we have more intimate relationships with the medical community than we would really choose . . . but have come out the other end doing well.
We took our trip up to Wetaskiwin to visit Chuck and Sheila . . .
They took out the Tourist Information Building across the road this summer . . . 

We managed to solve all the problems of the world again and had a wonderful food filled visit with Thom and Dar . . . get a new floor and furniture . . .

and enjoy our wonderful western view . . .