Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh Goodness – We came Home

We have a few favourite things in Yuma – the weather; some very special people; and the open air Jazz Concerts at the Mall.

Oh yes, did I mention the weather? Yuma, undoubtedly, has the best winter weather in the South-Western USA.

We like the Jazz Concerts . . . we can sit in our own comfy chairs . . . gaze at the stars and listen to some good live music.

February 5 - we went to the Jazz Series Concert.

We  left  very early because Fred was not feeling well and was sore - back, sides, everywhere. 

What with all else, we decided that we just wanted to go home - so we pack up and were on the road by Tuesday, the 10th .

Regrettably, we missed a visit from our friends from New Mexico and had to cancel a long awaited visit to Tucson to spend quality face-to-face time with writer friends from Penwheels (Escapees Group) and I will not be able to see my cousin who I haven’t seen since before we left Toronto in 1969.

We went over to a friends for dinner Sunday; lunch with other friends on Monday and our last Yuma supper (Mexican, of course) with Judy and Terry and were on the road by 7:30 the next day.

We left Yuma in good weather and it accompanied us all the way . . . no snow all the way home . . . just a little wind between Shelby and Great Falls, Montana . . . and a record 16 C (60 F) when we arrived in Lethbridge.

Too much to think we may miss WINTER

. . . but then . . .

Who knows?

What next? . . . Who knows that either ?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Latest Mantra

The less I do . . . the less I want to do
The less I want to do . . . The more I want to eat
The more I eat . . . the more weight I gain
The more weight I gain . . . the less I do
. . . and so on and so on.
 Last year, I decided that I wasn’t having fun writing.
As soon as I made that decision . . .  RV Lifestyles Magazine finally published and printed the Anza-Borrego Sculptures article; Smashwords let me know that there had been sales of Jacob’s Tail, and RV West had 2 articles printed in the last issue . . who da thunk?
(BTW you can order your own Jacob’s Tails E-Book through Smashwords or Barnes & Noble or Chapters-Indigo)
 Unfortunately, this park seems to be very cliquish and their interests are not really the same as ours . . . you know what I mean?. . . we have no grandchildren . . . the dog died . . . we are not party people . . . What to do? What to do?
Travelling to places we have not been is a given and the ocean has been our destination of choice.
Make Videos
I discovered the movie icon on my camera . . . Uh-huh let’s make videos!
It started on our second trip to the coast and beaches just north of San Diego.
The learning curve is steep and long!! Believe me, you would not like to see the first attempts . . . they are so bad  . . . like the old silent movies . . . jerky, blurry, but very funny.
Oh, no you can’t just shoot a video . . . you need to learn how to edit it . . . but first you need to find software that will let you work your magic.
In the meantime, we managed to find my computer was missing a few things and had others that shouldn’t be there. That kept Fred busy for a while.
Finally, finally, finally . . .
This first video is Swamis Beach after a good storm . . .
Swami's State Beach is an internationally known surfing spot named after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda a swami from the Self-Realization Fellowship ashram that sits on the cliff above the reef. The sand beach extends south from the point to the next beach access point.

Then we have the mighty surfer . . . 

Swami's is also known as a challenging spot to paddle, requiring a level of fitness above what other breaks demand. This is primarily due to the distance from the beach to the main peak several hundred yards from shore. As the waves become larger this distance increases, and after long rides, the paddle back to the main peak can take several minutes. For this reason, many surfers will choose to end their rides before the wave reaches the beach.
Southern Californians
To Southern Californians, theirs is the ideal life and why would anyone live or even visit anywhere else.
  Here are some of our favourite photos (among the 100’s we took).