Friday, January 29, 2016

Yes, We are Going!

2015 was our on-again-off-again-on-again travel year.
Now, in 2016, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I am able to announce we are in our On-Again Phase again! And this time it feels closer.
We found a place in Qualicum Beach that we hope FAR exceeds last year’s fiasco.
Being true to their usual form, RV Lifestyle did a fantastic job of publishing the California Dreaming piece – then go up to where it says CONTENT and click on RV touring - California Dreaming. That should get you there!!page 26.
The Weather
They tell us that so far, we have had a wonderful weather winter here.
I must say it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected. Even though we have resided here in Lethbridge since 2001, this is the first winter we have spent here.
I think the thing that has struck me most is how early it got dark in the afternoon (around 4pm) and how late it got light (9ish am) in the morning. It’s slowly improving. I noticed yesterday that it was still light at 5pm – yahoo!
In Lethbridge, the warmer weather is generally accompanied by the rather strong Chinook Winds. Those are warm winds that swoop down on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. We always used to say “anywhere else, it might be called a hurricane, but here we just call it a ‘Sunny South Alberta Breeze’.
We have our own personal wind gage. It is the Tin Man that is suspended from a special spot on the deck.
When he does his jig we avoid going out. It may be warm, but the winds would blow you away. Sometimes he just sits there and everything is okay.
The Tin Man was exchanged for a Jacob’s Tails book many years ago with a wonderful woman we met on the road. She was a full-time RVer and originally from Minnesota. Mia travelled in her own Class A Motorhome and spent most of the winter in Laughlin at one of the Casinos. The Tin Men were made completely from various sized tin cans by her brother. She sold them for him and the proceeds added to her own existence.
The resident weather-man says we need to leave by the middle of next week so there is lots to do.
Posting will come as things progress.