Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mid Winter Communiqué–2017 Go Away!

The new BLOG is And Life Goes On - Our Medical MisAdventures
Not to be a Grinch but 2017 has been the worse year of our lives . . . If we could just eliminate it . . . it’s been the kind of year that you wish never happened.

It started in January with Fred’s open-heart surgery when they kicked him out (discharged) him from Foothills Hospital into the worst, cold, blustery snow storm I have ever experienced.

He had pain but no pain meds or a prescription for any . . . yes, we know an 80 year old man with pain just might want to sell them on the street . . . apparently they cannot give any out to patients from out of town – What?!

It was so windy that he could not even stand up beside the car to stretch.

Once home the FUN continued. (You can read all about it in our Medical Mis-Adventure BLOG.

The fun has continued to even today, when Fred continues his intimate relationship with the Medical Community at the Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge with in excess of a three week stay and no definitive diagnosis.

He has acquired a permanent catheter; continues on kidney watch; has had innumerable bouts of gout in addition to increased arthritis.

I have accepted inclusion into the Southern Zone Quality Advisory Council representing Patients and Families. I’m not sure if they honestly want my input or it could be their attempt to shut me up.

I honestly don’t know what happens to patients who do not have someone to advocate for them. Talk about someone falling through the cracks.

Back to the home-front . . . the first of November the pipe burst in the north-west corner of the Condo Complex . . . exactly, that is where we are. This resulted in about 3 inches of water in the utility room and the bathroom.

The restoration company got right on it with huge fans and dehumidifiers in the units and hallways to dry it out that permeated our lives for a couple of weeks.

And here we sit with no ceiling or floor in the bathroom and parts of the walls cut out in bathroom and the utility room as well as being told that the cupboards in the utility room and the floors in both rooms need to be replaced.

They have given us total access to the Guest Room on this floor that we depend on to keep our bodies clean. But, being in the hospital, Fred has managed to miss out on most of the demolition. Word has it that we won’t see any restoration won’t start til well into the New Year.

We did manage to get out on a few Alberta Day Trips . . . Waterton, Bar U Ranch, and just around.

Even though we still don’t know what has caused Fred’s condition, he is getting better and should be home soon.

It can only get better . . . Right?

Well, we wish you all a Healthy and Happy 2018!!!


Hugs, Lynne & Fred


Patricia jack said...

I hope for healing for your husband and a better new year for us all

Judy Rinehimer said...

Yes, a tough year for both of you. Hope someone can give Fred some answers. (((HUGS)))
-- CoolJudy